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Why a Blog Project?

Easy answer: why not?

More complex answer: because I am always looking for creative projects. I’ve done three 366 days photo projects (like the traditional 365 projects, but with the added day because I like the pagan feel of it), as well as multiple yearly poetry and journaling projects. I was also very proud to make it to the top 40 of LJ Idol Season 8.

My last creative project was last year, when I drafted and submitted a book proposal for a foodoir. I am still searching for a publisher, though that project is on the back burner in favor of more pressing real-life things. Since then, I have been looking for something else to satiate my artistic brain.

Because I would like to connect with other pagans. I’ve made a handful of meaningful connections over the years, but for the most part, I am a witch alone. As a solitary practitioner, this usually doesn’t bother me, but lately I’ve found myself wishing for community. What better way to connect than a blogging project?

I stumbled on the Pagan Blog Project sometime in November, during a particularly aggressive snowfall, and it brought a spark of warmth to my day. I sat with the idea for a while and ultimately decided 2014 would be as good a year as any to participate. By writing weekly, I hope to not only indulge my impulse to create, but also to deepen and enrich my spiritual path. May this project do the same for the rest of you. Blessed Be.

Which Witch is This?

Anonywitch is a late twenty-something living in the wilds of western Massachusetts. She knits while watching candles flicker, sings to the full moon, bakes frequently, and dances as often as possible. Her path is a neo-pagan one with Dianic leanings. Anonywitch lives with her beautiful partner and two lady-cats in an impromptu lesbian commune. Her best friend can be found blogging over at Hedged Paths.