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The Humble Quartz

Better late than never! I’m in the midst of moving house this week, so everything has been a bit disorganized. Hopefully things will die down after next week, when we’re all moved in and comfy in the new place. Without further ado…

Week 34 (Q): quartz

Quartz often seems like the default stone, with good reason. It’s something you can find almost anywhere, it’s affordable, and it serves a variety of purposes. I’ve always found it useful as an amplifier of spells, which is why I keep a quartz pyramid sitting on my altar.

Rose, blueberry, smoky, amethyst, citrine, aqua aura, strawberry, phantom…there’s a huge variety. Rather than make this post way too long by discussing each one, I wanted to focus on clear quartz. This variety of quartz is good for amplifying psychic powers, helping to clear chakras, purification, meditation help, and healing. Eason recommends that “if you have only one healing crystal it should be clear quartz”. I’ve definitely used it for cleansing and amplification purposes, but never for healing. Learn something new every day!

Bout to realign some chakras motherfucker (Debra Baxter)

Bout to realign some chakras up in this motherfucker…(original art piece by Debra Baxter)

One of my favorite books – Liz Berry’s The China Garden – features a quartz goddess statue that absorbs negative energy. This book ties in nicely with the idea that quartz is sometimes used to honor Gaia. It really is a multipurpose stone, as much as amethyst is (if not more so). I think quartz is an excellent crystal to start with for anybody building their collection.


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Celebrating Solstice

I’ve always wanted to watch dawn on the summer solstice and this morning I finally made it happen. There’s a stone circle near here (I think it was somebody’s senior art project), but it’s got a wonderful witchy feel all the same. There were a couple other folks there for some kind of astronomy lecture, but they left me respectfully alone. So I got to sit with a candle in my hands and shiver through an hour long meditation.

summer solstice candle 2014

Watching the sun come up feels somehow numinous. I scattered lavender in thanks for all the joy that has recently come into my life. I got engaged yesterday (Future Mrs. Anonywitch proposed yesterday and I proposed to her this morning – we wanted to do a dual proposal, and both turned out beautifully). Everyone I love has had such a wonderful response, oozing excitement for us even when some of them have been going through some rough stuff. I am so grateful for all the love in my life.


My engagement ring was designed with the stone meanings in mind. It’s meant to resemble a dandelion (it’s an abstract interpretation) in reference to a song we both adore. I chose citrine because it reminds the wearer of the fullness of life and encourages creativity. I think creativity is a necessity for long-term relationships. It’s also excellent for transforming negative emotions into positive ones. The emeralds are for compassion. They’re sometimes called the “stone of successful love”, as it nurtures the heart. Combined, they seemed perfect for an engagement ring.

summer solstice sun 2014

The glow of the sun against my closed eyelids has transcendent qualities. When everything is golden and glowing with early morning mist, it seems like there are infinite possibilities. Getting up at 4 a.m. was well worth the experience of watching the summer solstice dawn.


On Love Spells

Week 24 (L): on (self) love spells

The biggest love of your life should be you. Gala Darling, a fashion blogger from New Zealand, originally planted the idea in my head a little more than four years ago. The idea that we should romance ourselves, court ourselves, love our selves as deeply as we love other people. To wit, I’ve been working on my own self-love spell for a while. It isn’t done, so I won’t be posting a finished ritual yet, but I figured I could at least post some things to give you ideas for crafting your own.


I knew I wanted to use kunzite and rose quartz for this spell. Kunzite is good for awakening the heart chakra and inspiring unconditional love, which is an important component of self-love. It also helps with healing heartache. Rose quartz is a good all-purpose stone, also for unconditional love. It works by siphoning off negative energy and gently transforming it into loving energy. These seemed like an ideal combination for this type of spell.

I decided that jasmine, lavender, and pink roses would make a fitting combination for herbs. Jasmine is excellent for love, and prophetic dreams as well. Lavender is my go-to, so that was a given. Roses have long been used in love magic, which is why they’re still so popular for weddings. I wanted something that smelled nice, so this combination was also chosen with that in mind. The resultant potion will be put into that lovely pink bottle pictured above. These, combined with a mala made of rose quartz on purple silk thread and that lovely pink moonstone ring of mine, were all very fitting for the goal of self-loving.


This heart-shaped hunk of rose quartz is something I use to focus when I’m meditating. I think it will also prove to be excellent for this ritual. As you might have noticed by now, this spell is heavy on the use of rose quartz, for the reasons described above. When this ritual does get done, it will be one of the most elaborate I’ve ever done. I’ve been waiting for a good full moon where I’m not busy with other things, which unfortunately has been hard to come by.

Self-love is one of the many qualities I think witches ought to possess. Self-love is something that is an ongoing journey of seeking, much like other magical skills that can be continually improved upon. Loving yourself is a journey worth taking.

From Amethyst, With Love

Week 2 (A): amethyst (a.k.a. violet quartz, SiO2, etc)

I work a fair amount with crystals. Mostly I use them as meditation aids, but I also add them to spell bottles and place them strategically on my altar when doing spellwork. For example, I have a nice quartz pyramid on my altar, which I use to focus and amplify my intentions. But of all the crystals I work with, amethyst is generally my first pick. I use it for pretty much everything, from creating a soothing environment to enhancing affection to protection.

There’s a piece of amethyst in my house blessing bottle to inspire peace and love in both inhabitants and visitors. When I start a series of planned chakra meditations later this year, I plan to use a piece to stimulate the crown chakra. Most books will mention amethyst as an all-inclusive healing stone, good for enhancing meditation. Simon and Sue Lily also recommend amethyst to maintain equilibrium in your life.

Cassandra Eason suggests that amethysts are good for emotional healing. Perhaps this is why when I was going through particularly painful periods of adolescence, I insisted on wearing amethyst almost every day. I was teased something vicious in middle school when I came out of the broom closet, and having amethyst against my skin reminded me that somewhere, someone loved me. Amethyst brought some measure of peace to this former tween scapegoat.

In my favorite book on crystals, Judy Hall’s The Crystal Bible says that amethyst, when used in combination with meditation, “turns thoughts away from the mundane into tranquility and deeper understanding” (54). Hall agrees with other authors when she says that amethyst helps to balance extremes. It also encourages spiritual wisdom and love of the divine, which explains why it works so well in conjunction with the crown chakra. Interestingly, Crystal Vaults disagrees and says that amethyst works best for stimulating the third eye chakra, but I prefer to work with lapiz lazuli for that purpose.

All in all, amethyst is a powerful stone that’s good for a variety of purposes. It’s also incredibly easy to find. The geodes are particularly beautiful. My parents have a huge one that I’m coveting. I’ve seen some incredibly beautiful (and incredibly expensive), gigantic geodes that stand nearly as tall as me at gem shows. I suppose what I like best about amethyst is that, regardless of what you’re using it for, it seems to achieve your purposes with love.

When I grow up, I want a massive amethyst geode that’s been fashioned into a table. I would use it for an altar and it would be wonderful.


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