The Samhain Boxes

Week 37 (S): the Samhain boxes

Every year my bestie-witch and I have exchanged Samhain boxes. Our primary gifting happens around Samhain rather than Xmas. I don’t know that we ever discussed this tradition, so I couldn’t tell you how it started, but I’ve built up some very fond memories of it over the last few years.

This means that every September (and sometimes even earlier if I’m feeling organized!), I start collecting little tidbits and cute things that make me think of her. Many of these are witchy things (herbs, candles, incense, etc), though some things are not. I stash these away until mid-October, when I start packing the box. Then I send it off and eagerly await my own little package in the mail. There’s always something excellent in my Samhain box.

I just thought I’d share this sweet little impromptu tradition in the hopes that perhaps some of you may also adopt it as one of your own.


This tradition reminds me of a very cool Pagan gift swap that a friend of mine organized several years ago. We each got a buddy and were given a spending limit, then told to collect however many witchy things we could stuff into a box and mail it to this witch we’d never met before. I got some of my favorite pieces this way, and would love to do something like it again. *hint hint Pagan Blog Project buddies!*

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