On Ritual

Week 36 (R): on ritual, and why I’m a lazy witch

I don’t “do” ritual. This simplistic statement sets me apart from quite a few of the other Pagans I’ve met. To them, it’s important to have a separate space whenever possible dedicated to Magick. That space is filled with esoteric gestures made only in circle, a “solemn ceremony consisting of a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order” (thanks for that perfect definition Google!). This conception of ritual bores me to tears.

how I feel about ritual

On the other hand, that kind of ritual makes me think of Monty Python, which is pretty awesome

This is not my kind of witchcraft. There’s little space for solemnity, and the idea of having a set routine makes my lip curl. That sounds deathly boring. I just couldn’t do it. Routine is comforting in other aspects of my life, but in witchy things I want variety. I want flexibility and change and discovery in my faith.

Practice is a word that better suits me; practice is application of belief. My rituals are typically spontaneous, and the best ones have often been crafted in the space of a few minutes, when I’m out in the woods for a walk on a beautiful day. Then I bring only a stick of incense, perhaps a candle, and myself to ritual. There’s beauty in simplicity.

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  1. Rowenna

    I have been dedicated to a coven for the last two and a half years and while we have had some amazing rituals, when I do my own moon rituals, I let happen what will happen. I also feel amazingly fulfilled when I do something as simple as greet the crow that’s squawking near me.

    September 29, 2014 at 6:48 pm

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