The Humble Quartz

Better late than never! I’m in the midst of moving house this week, so everything has been a bit disorganized. Hopefully things will die down after next week, when we’re all moved in and comfy in the new place. Without further ado…

Week 34 (Q): quartz

Quartz often seems like the default stone, with good reason. It’s something you can find almost anywhere, it’s affordable, and it serves a variety of purposes. I’ve always found it useful as an amplifier of spells, which is why I keep a quartz pyramid sitting on my altar.

Rose, blueberry, smoky, amethyst, citrine, aqua aura, strawberry, phantom…there’s a huge variety. Rather than make this post way too long by discussing each one, I wanted to focus on clear quartz. This variety of quartz is good for amplifying psychic powers, helping to clear chakras, purification, meditation help, and healing. Eason recommends that “if you have only one healing crystal it should be clear quartz”. I’ve definitely used it for cleansing and amplification purposes, but never for healing. Learn something new every day!

Bout to realign some chakras motherfucker (Debra Baxter)

Bout to realign some chakras up in this motherfucker…(original art piece by Debra Baxter)

One of my favorite books – Liz Berry’s The China Garden – features a quartz goddess statue that absorbs negative energy. This book ties in nicely with the idea that quartz is sometimes used to honor Gaia. It really is a multipurpose stone, as much as amethyst is (if not more so). I think quartz is an excellent crystal to start with for anybody building their collection.


Crystal Vaults: Quartz

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2 responses

  1. priestessavalonrainsong

    I’m intrigued by the energies of Smoky Quartz. I really should get some!

    August 29, 2014 at 6:52 pm

    • I really wish I used the lovely sphere of smoky quartz that my bestie-witch got me more often! *note to self: use smoky quartz more often*

      September 6, 2014 at 9:55 pm

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