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Week 20 (J): jewelry

Confession: I really like sparkly things. Interestingly, I don’t have a lot of pagan jewelry, but what I do have holds a goodly amount of meaning. Not all of it is identifiably pagan though. What follows is a brief explanation and accompanying photos of my small collection. Most of them are just reminders of faith, though some have more explicit purposes. Like Mama Fortuna, I find that rings work best for magical purposes, as they’re on my hands which I see regularly during the course of the day.


This tiny pentacle ring is something I wear daily, on the middle finger of my right hand. I bought it at Sacred Grove the last time my witch-sister and I were together in person. I had wanted a subtle pentacle ring for years, and finally found this one, in the perfect size. I like a daily reminder of faith that’s a little more tangible than my triple goddess tattoo, yet not so visible that it causes people to question me about it.





I wear the Medusa pendant when I am seeking change. Snakes have always been important in my life, and their constant cycle of shedding their skin to emerge anew makes them the perfect symbol for rebirth. I will also occasionally use this pendant as a reminder for when I am doing a banishing spell. I think of banishing spells as a cycle of renewal, so the Medusa is pretty apt.






Originally I bought this pink moonstone ring because I just really like pink moonstone. It seems to be a relatively unusual stone, as I’ve never seen it anywhere but in California and people frequently comment on it, wondering what the stone is. Last year I drafted a self-love spell and decided that pink moonstone would be a perfect daily reminder. I haven’t finished the spell yet, but this ring has been waiting to be used for it. Some full moon soon I hope!





This is one of my oldest pieces of pagan jewelry. I bought this triple moon ring from the Pyramid Collection years and years ago, and for a while wore it as a daily reminder of faith. Now that I have the tiny pentacle ring and my triple goddess wrist tattoo, I find I wear this ring far less frequently. It’s also quite large and heavy, neither of which really suit my jewelry preferences.





I bought this pendant depicting Brighid over a decade ago. I think I found it in some junk shop, tucked away in a dusty glass case. I don’t wear it much since it’s very heavy–actually it feels like solid pewter–but I did string it on a necklace with some really beautiful garnets and amethyst.





This is the only true piece of ritual jewelry I own, in that it’s something I don’t wear for anything but magical practice. I’m pretty sure this is a necklace my mother was getting rid of, and I rescued it from the donation box. What initially attracted me to it was the delicacy of the beadwork. When I was a serious practicing pagan, I noticed that the colors represent the four elements: earth (green), air (yellow), fire (red), and water (blue). Now I wear it when I am doing a full-on ritual (which is rare), or when I am seeking balance through spellwork.


I use jewelry as a way to help me focus during spellwork or ritual, as well as a reminder of my faith. My jewelry is usually subtle enough that it doesn’t provoke unwanted conversation, which is nice. But it also can be a good introduction to the topic if I feel the need to chat about paganism to people I don’t know. So it really serves a variety of purposes.

in all their magical glory

Do you use any magical jewelry? What does it look like? Do you wear it openly or secretly?

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3 responses

  1. I have a heap of necklaces that I’ve bought from Forest Spirit Jewelery (https://www.facebook.com/ForestSpiritJewelry) and I change the necklace depending on what I’m wanting based on the property of the stone. Plus there’s a few that I’ve made, and that I’ve bought from my Witch-Sister’s store (www.lenoresgrimoire.com) I have sooooooooo much jewelery!!

    May 18, 2014 at 5:20 pm

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