Crafting the Craft

Week 3 (C): on why witchcraft is a craft

Paganism is all about practice. Meditation, prayers, spells, charms, offerings, the lot: all of these require practice and action. Whether the action takes place in the mind or in the physical world we inhabit is irrelevant. An act, whether cerebral or physical, is still an act. If we aren’t actively practicing our craft, what are we doing? Mouthing the names of goddesses without our hearts behind them.

I have a confession though: sometimes I am a lazy pagan. I don’t always cast a circle. I don’t always celebrate the sabbats with a ritual. I don’t always write my own spells. I try to do these things as often as possible, and I wish I could say that I managed to do them 100% of the time, but I’ll admit that sometimes life just gets in the way. Maybe it’s unavoidable, but sometimes I also think it’s because I allow life to get in the way. It’s all about prioritizing, and I don’t always put my spirituality first. Maybe that’s something I should work on changing.

"Reaching" Zhiwei Tu

“Reaching” Zhiwei Tu

I’m a dilettante, in the positive sense of the word; I’ve tried out a lot of different hobbies in my lifetime. Some of these have stuck, and some have not. Two years ago, I became a knitter. In a dark November, when I felt like I’d completely lost my bearings, I picked up a pair of bamboo needles and delved into a project that would take me nine months to complete. Knitting as a physical activity is both meditation and craft: I occasionally use the gentle rhythm of stitches to help with spells, and the act of making something becomes magic.

What I do in my spare time often becomes a way to make magic outside of ritual: knitting, baking, dancing, etc. Even though I’m not always able to do full rituals, cast formal circles, or write my own spells, I do my best to…well, practice. I practice the tenets of my spirituality and try to infuse my life with the magical qualities that attracted me to paganism in the first place. The activities in which I partake in pursuit of my spirituality keep my beliefs real and close to my heart, as do the mundane everyday tasks I must complete. Practice, as they say, makes perfect.

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    February 1, 2014 at 2:28 pm

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